Town Plan

Shropshire Local Plan

Bishop’s Castle Community Partnership has responded to the Shropshire Council Draft Local Plan.  The Partnership felt a response was necessary because historically, Shropshire Council Local Plan allocations in Bishop’s Castle have always been proposed along the western edge of the town’s Development Boundary, despite overwhelming objections from the Bishop’s Castle community.  This remained the case in 2019 with the original Shropshire Local Plan Consultation, which has now been updated as this Pre-submission Draft Local Plan.

Unless it can be agreed that clear and specific Planning reasons exist as to why development along the western edge of the Development Boundary is inappropriate, future Local Plans are likely to continue to allocate sites on the western boundary as long as landowners are happy to put their land forward. This Local Plan Consultation process provides the opportunity to define Planning reasons for appropriate site allocations.
You can download a copy of BCCP’s response to the Local Plan here . . Submission to Draft SC Local Plan by BCCP

Bishop’s Castle Town Plan – Progress Report

The new Bishop’s Castle Community Partnership Charity [BCCP] has been formed to replace the Town Plan working group.  As a formally constituted charity, with its own bank account, the BCCP will be able to seek funding for its many initiatives to benefit the community.  It will continue to work closely with the Town Council, with representatives from the Town Council on the committee.

The BCCP is a small group of volunteers, and for it to be a success, we urgently need more people to help with the wide range of initiatives which are aimed at improving all aspects of life in Bishop’s Castle.   It isn’t a heavy commitment, a few hours every month at most helping with interesting community projects.   Please contact Keith Whiddon 07971 661615

Aims of the Community Partnership

  • Work closely with partners to translate the actions within the Community Town Plan into reality and practice. – To bring together individuals and groups with a shared interest in Bishop’s Castle under a common action plan, planned and delivered together;
  • Regularly consult the community on its needs and prioritise the actions required. – To continue liaison with the people of Bishop’s Castle to express their views with regard to the implementation of the Community Town Plan;
  • Identify and bid for potential sources of funding (often unavailable to statutory bodies) to support local priorities;
  • Provide a strategy for the development of the Town and key economic, social and environmental priorities;
  • Represent the interests of the local community at County and national level. – Act as a lobbying/pressure group when necessary on behalf of the community;
  • Support the community of Bishop’s Castle and its environs to achieve a better quality of life for residents. – To deliver improvements to the local community which may not happen in any other way, for example providing support/advice for small-scale start-up projects.

Copies of the Plan and its annexes may be viewed at Enterprise House, Library, Town Hall, Doctor’s Surgery, Community College, SpArC, BCHRC and our local pubs. It may also be downloaded below:



If you can offer some time to help, however little, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us at:-

or via our new Facebook page at

Keith Whiddon, Chair, Bishop’s Castle Community Town Plan Steering group

A graphical summary of the responses to the Town Plan survey can be seen in attached document
[2 Town Plan Responses Graphics v0.2].

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