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Proposed Youth Forum

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A recent Council Meeting agreed to explore the possibility of establishing a Youth Forum with direct input into the Town Council so that the concerns and ideas the youth of the town have are properly represented and taken seriously. Councillor Stelman who has been instrumental in engaging with the Skate Park users recently and has experience in Youth Work has… Read more »

Town Hall Office

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With today’s easing of restrictions Town Council staff will begin a phased return to the office whilst following on site protocols. Staff will be available in the office in the Town Hall at the following times until further notice. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:30am – 12:30pm All other channels of communication remain open at all times.

Faerie Trail

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A new FUN trail aimed at Children has just been launched in Bishop’s Castle. Participants can purchase a Trail map for £1.50 from the Town Hall or Primary School which will take them on a walk around the Wintles Woodland with an opportunity to solve clues to find the hidden Faerie Doors that have been placed around the Trail.Glynn Roberts,… Read more »

Church Trail

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Two Trail Leaflets have recently been published for the St John The Baptist Church in Bishop’s Castle. These provide two trails around the churchyard along with associated information. One is for Adults and one aimed at Children, Copies are available around town or can be downloaded here. Adult Trail page 1 Adult Trail 2 Child Trail Page 1 Child Map

Traffic Survey Comments from the Public.

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I understand the need for the introduction of a one way system in Bishop’s Castle.   Only if speed bumps are installed to slow traffic in High Street We support the introduction of a one – way system I understand the need for a one-way system I do not support the introduction of a one-way system in Bishop’s Castle. Yes if… Read more »

Traffic Survey Summary

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There has been an excellent and constructive response to the request for views on the traffic situation in Bishop’s Castle.  Thank you to everyone who has responded. There is recognition that when the medieval town was laid out, cars were not on the agenda – and that if there had been an easy solution to the traffic issues we face… Read more »