Traffic Survey Comments from the Public.

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I understand the need for the introduction of a one way system in Bishop’s Castle.  

  • Only if speed bumps are installed to slow traffic in High Street
  • We support the introduction of a one – way system
  • I understand the need for a one-way system
  • I do not support the introduction of a one-way system in Bishop’s Castle.
  • Yes if to aid access and if implemented with a 20 MPH speed limit , a stop to pavement parking and improvements to pavements – e.g. surface and widening where needed
  • I think this should have been done years ago – the layout of the town is perfect for a one-way system
  • On the surface the initial reaction may be that it seems like a good idea but on proper research will be clearly a negative, backwards step
  • Do not understand the issues. Not clearly identified in newsletter – therefore question the need for change. When was our last major accident or lack of access for emergency vehicles?
  • One-ways encourage faster driving and more accidents.
  • We are a ‘give way’ town, not a ‘drive through’ town
  • Opening up a western through road would solve many of the problems.
  • Make the old town an ‘access only’ area. Locals will know they can come in and park. Only minor change would be needed. Will deter through traffic.
  • A radical re-think is needed – give pedestrians priority.

I suggest that the following alternative ideas be considered to ease the traffic and parking issues identified. 

  • 20 MPH speed limit. Better signs to stop lorries/HGVs. (Many similar comments)
  • 20 MPH speed limit should have flashing control – like Lydbury North
  • A one way system will not solve the parking issue and it is parking which is the problem
  • Make pavements smaller where possible – and bring in enforcement to stop pavement parking
  • Provide another car park – and introduce better signage. New housing developments should include public parking and electric charging points as a ‘community benefit’/planning gain.
  • Make Welsh Street one-way from the Poppy House/top of Union Street westwards towards the Wintles i.e. no left turn at bottom of Castle Street. I.e. Market Place still two way.
  • Traffic calming High Street and Church Street to stop cars speeding.
  • Put a time restriction on car parking in car parks. Stop long term parking as no space left for visitors or disabled.
  • Yes to one way down High Street to Boards Head Junction – but not to rest of proposal.
  • Make car park by Public Hall into a proper car park for long stay.
  • I understand our own BCCP did a thorough survey of traffic and parking. At any given time there was always parking if one knew where to find it. Better signage needed.
  • Better signage on outskirts that BC is unsuitable for HGVs
  • There needs to be a proper route round the west side of town. It would take away much of the top of hill traffic and help Kerry Lane issues.
  • Narrow pavements where vehicles park on pavement.

 I have the following specific comments/suggestions with regard to the proposed changes.

  • Add speed bumps where needed
  • Speed warning sign on Kerry Lane near exit to Park.
  • In Salop Street, start one way after Three Tuns turn off so they can access.
  • Reverse the one way on New Street to go from Station Street to High Street. That way traffic is not directed through the medieval streets if the need is to reach the lower half of High street – i.e. Co-op/Pharmacy.
  • The Town Council needs to explore every opportunity to find more off road parking – specifically at top of town. .
  • Parking on pavements is also a problem in lower Union Street, High Street and Church Street. Parking on pavements is NOT acceptable
  • The planned one way system means we all have to go round in circles!
  • Sort out who is allowed to use pavement at SPAR
  • Make 20 MPH compulsory to the end of all housing. Let’s not wait until a child is injured.
  • Junction at Castle Green, Bull Lane, Montgomery Road, Wintles Road needs sorting.
  • Restrict parking in difficult areas – pinch points – for loading/unloading
  • Speed bumps needed – but pot holes just as effective!

 I would support the holding of a public meeting, when possible, when the Council has formulated its views following this consultation.

  • Yes (Generally everyone supports – structured and not too formal. One or two people felt the more talk, the more argument, the less progress. )

Detailed comments

  1. Bishops Castle MUST have a one way system. Things can’t stay as they are. Those that don’t want a one-way system are just against change. The Cattle market needs to be moved out of town so the Auction Yard car park can be used on a Wed, Thursday.
  2. Please also consider traffic issues at the lower part of town. Increased housing is making it more difficult and dangerous for pedestrians crossing from the playing fields to Grange Road and the Woodbatch side of town. The important crossing from the Six Bells to the Church (i.e. cross Kerry Lane from Church Street) is becoming increasingly dangerous with no provision for pedestrians or to slow traffic. Parked vehicles do not help.
  3. Apart from Corporation Street, the only vehicular access to the town is from both sides of Kerry Lane (including the new housing developments above Lavender Bank and Oak Meadow). The increase in fast moving traffic on Kerry Lane is making it even more hazardous for pedestrians from the lower exit of the playing field to Grange Road as visibility is restricted. A pedestrian crossing at that point should make this safer and slow traffic.
  4. Enforce existing parking regulations preventing parking on white lines, obstructive parking at junctions, pavement parking. Remove long term parking of camper vans/dumped vehicles in Harley Jenkins car park.
  5. Cars can only park in Union Street facing down and close to hedge/wall as otherwise drivers will not be able to exit their vehicles without further narrowing road way. There is also no room to turn round at the top. No entry into Union Street therefore does not work. Speed calming would be beneficial – but not humps.
  6. Top of Union Street needs to be addressed – constant backing up and minor jams, nasty turns in/out, speeding motorists up the hill round blind bend. Pedestrians have to be in road as no pathway. Dangerous. Traffic needs to be advised to use Station Street for through traffic.
  7. The one way system should go up Church Street and High Street from the Boars Head then down Salop St to Station Street.
  8. The Wintles Road from Welsh Street to Montgomery Road should be ‘adopted’ so to enable an easier flow for bigger vehicles to be put in place.
  9. I feel that the current proposal will affect the trade of shops, being a shop keeper for 17 years. We have had enough to deal with these last few months and some of us are just trying to make ends meet and carry on as best we can. A one way system will put shoppers off trying to park and they will give up and go elsewhere. Why change now. One way will make it like a race track. Leave it for a while!
  10. Several towns have introduced one way systems – and then had to revert to the original road system i.e. Denbigh, Harrogate, Caversham, Mold, Newark. Before doing anything, we need to find out why these did not work.
  11. The drivers of Bishop’s Castle are familiar with the current traffic system and make allowance in their choice of route and by accepting give and take at pinch points. This in itself creates traffic calming. Welsh Street and Salop Street are so narrow they can only be used by vehicles in one direction at a time. Making then one way would not improve the situation for pedestrians unless vehicles were prevented from parking, which would create a problem of displaced parking and encourage traffic to move faster. Drivers are aware of the places where pedestrians will be in the road and make allowances for them while pedestrians are aware when they have to be careful.
  12. There can be 12 vehicles parked on Union Street between Billingsley Close and Welsh Street and because of the walls and hedges most drivers park facing down hill in order to exit their vehicles. If entry from Welsh Street was prevented those drivers would either have to reverse up or try to turn round in the space by Black Lion/Tudor House  – often full of cars – or the Porch House shut.  This would not be satisfactory, especially since making High Street one way down will increase the up traffic in Union Street.
  13. The layout of the town imposes restrictions on traffic circulation. The proposed changes might reduce some problems but will create others.
  14. This town was not meant for motor traffic. We cope well. This fact should be recognised and the situation left alone.
  15. This is a scheme to turn the town into a race-circuit and is particularly absurd where Union Street meets Welsh Street; residents there will get much pollution of their air by the many repeated hill starts this scheme predicates. Similarly the whole of Bull Street. To whom does the ring road of the Wintles belong?
  16. Instead of a one-way system how about a priority arrow sign. It would ease the problems of pinch points such at top of High Street, at low cost. The town needs to invest in an updated map! – can’t find one.
  17. 20 MPH speed limit is self limiting and there would be no-one to police it. Likewise traffic calming.
  18. The auction yard should be moved to the new business park and the existing auction yard be made into permanent parking with charging points for electric vehicles. Same applies to land by Public Hall.
  19. Stop allowing planning for housing where there is no space for parking or bins.
  20. How are delivery Lorries going to access the Co-op?
  21. Some of us will not be able to access our car parking spaces if the one-way system is introduced.
  22. Any change to the traffic flow must be viewed with safety as its first concern. These proposals do not do that with the possible risk to pedestrians in increased vehicle speeds.
  23. These proposals will increase journey lengths which will increase emissions – something we should be trying to decrease.
  24. The Wintles Road will need to be widened to cope with the extra traffic.
  25. Extra traffic signs will spoil the feeling of freedom in Bishop’s castle which is a major attraction of the town.
  26. The great benefit of Bishop’s Castle is that through traffic goes down the A488. Shropshire Council is no friend of the town and their bullying should be resisted robustly.
  27. New housing should be in walking distance of town centre to avoid use of cars
  28. A radical solution would, like many like many historic medieval European towns, be to take away pavements and all restrictions and make the heart of the town access only for vehicles i.e. allowed but giving way to pedestrians. Cars would have to creep. Parking etc would not be affected. A study is needed. This would also build on the Bishop’s Castles reputation for tolerance and being different!