Neighbourhood Plan – Have YOUR Say on Planning Policies for Bishops Castle !

The Town Council have prepared  a draft of the Bishop’s castle Neighbourhood Development Plan.

We would like to know what you think of the Polices and proposals and welcome your feedback.

Please click on the Link below to read the Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan and complete the Survey by clicking on the survey form.

If you require a paper copy of any of the documents these are available from the Town Hall or by post via the Town Clerk. You can make your comments on paper which can be sent to the Town Clerk or via the online survey form.



Appendix 1 Conservation Area Character Assessment

Appendix 2 Character Assessment outside the Conservation Area

Appendix 3 Non-designated Heritage Assets

Appendix 4 Right Homes Right Place survey results

Appendix 5 Site Allocations November 2020

Appendix 6 Bishop’s Castle NP Climate Mitigation

Appendix 1 Table of Contents for Zonal Surveys

Appendix 1 Zone 2 Character Assessment

Appendix 1 Zone 3 Character Assessment

Appendix 1 Zone 4 Character Assessment

Appendix 1 Zone 5 Character Assessment

Appendix 1 Zone 6 Character Assesment

Appendix 1 Zone 7 Character Assessment

Appendix 1 Zone 8 Character Assessment

Appendix 1 Zone 9 Character Assesment

Bishop’s Castle NDP SEA Environmental Report August 2021

Habitats Regulation Assessment Appendix A – International Designated Sites and Site Allocation

Habitats Regulation Assessment Appendix B Bishops Castle P&N _NN Technical Note for issue

Habitats Regulation Assessment Bishop’s Castle Report April 2021