To download the August update of the Sustainability Working Group’s 2018 Action Plan click on BC Town Plan Sustainability High-Level Action Plan Aug18    For a brief summary, see below . . .

Most of you will have seen the Fight the Plastics board outside of the Co-operative shop. This group has carried out a survey of retailers and shoppers to understand the issues about the use of plastics (particularly single use plastics) and to find solutions, such as local retailers offering to re-fill water bottles, forming a Buyer’s Group for biodegradable packaging, etc.  Interim survey results were presented to Philip Dunne at a meeting to discuss the issues and seek his support. A litter-picking day took place, with a collection to be displayed at Action Days planned for October. We are grateful that the Community College and BC Co-op are closely involved with this project. Lightfoot has generously donated £100 towards the initiative, and it has received an LJC grant of £140. If anyone wishes to help with this project, please call Dave Luckhurst on 680250.

The verges at the BC A489 crossroads have been raked clear of cut grass three times as part of the Life On the Edge initiative.  Wild-flower plugs have been bought and potted-on before being planted out.  The first planting has now taken place, and is marked with boards asking Shropshire Council not to cut the grass.  The plants include: Birdsfoot Trefoil, Common knapweed, Sneezewort, Agrimony, Musk Mallow, Cowslip, Betony, Primrose, Meadow Vetchling, Bush Vetch and Yellow
This project has received a grant from the LJC of £70.
If anyone can help with the raking or planting-out, please contact Rob Rowe on 630648.

All about Woods  A ‘taster’ session was held at the Community College  in June for Years 7 & 8s for a programme of 8 sessions on managing woodlands to be carried out as part of the College’s Enrichment activities.  This project is being run by Lightfoot with funds from Green Shropshire Exchange.

The Bishop’s Castle Food Hub (sponsored by Lightfoot) has now brought together the Grange Road Housing Association, which runs the ‘Meals on Wheels’ and other events for the elderly, with the Bishop’s Castle Co-operative shop, who are supplying them with their surplus food 3 days a week.  In addition, the Food Hub has also linked the Bishop’s Castle Community College with the Churchstoke Co-operative.  The Community College is now receiving the Co-op’s surplus bread
products (bread, rolls, wraps, etc).  The Community College’s Business Manager, Kathy Dowbiggin, sent the following note to the Food Hub:-

“The College commenced collection of the bread surplus from the Co-op Churchstoke on Wednesday 2nd May.  The initial collections were of a very large quantity and it was rather difficult to deal with all the products.  One chest freezer is now full of bread!  We also distributed bread products to Acorns School, based on our site, for their students breakfast club, and to Chirbury and Norbury primary schools as we supply them with meals.  The products have been of a wide range including Gluten free bread, crumpets, scones, tea cakes, sliced bread – including wholemeal and sourdough, brioche burger buns and finger rolls.  We have used these products to provide a cheaper range of products for students which has initially proved successful and is allowing students who do not have enough funds to purchase baguettes, cookies, muffins etc, to have sandwiches or rolls and a cake.  In addition at break time, we are able to provide students with toasted sandwiches, toast, crumpets and toasted teacakes alongside our main production of pastries, waffles, mini breakfasts and bagels.
The supply has reduced during the second week as discussed with Co-op staff and is now at a daily manageable level.  The college is now ordering and collecting fruit and vegetables from the Co-op which is being collected with the bread.  We hope to expand on this new venture and continue to support more local businesses and suppliers in the near future.”